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The Kaokoveld, Kunene Region:  Rugged mountains, dry river courses and solid 4x4 country associated with names like van Zyl's Pass, Hartmann Mountains, Marienfluss, Epupa, Ruacana  and Swartboois Drift.  A land vast and uninhabited, a wilderness in its own right  where pockets of wildlife roam freely.  This is also home to Namibia's last remaining nomadic tribe, the Ovahimba. Dictated by seasonal rainfall and constantly in search of new grazing for their cattle, the Himba remain nomadic and primitive. Their unique lifestyle and adaptability to survive the harsh Kaokoland environment has earned them their ethnic individuality.

The traditional Himba still prefer living the way their forebears hundreds of years before the colonial era or the appearance of westerners. Himba villages close to Opuwa town are accustomed to visitors wanting to learn and experience more about their culture and lifestyle. As part of our responsible tourism community programme, we at Opuwo Country Hotel have a standing arrangement with certain Himba villages to include them in our activity programmes. Our Himba guides escort guest and translate while guest photograph and inter act with the villagers.

Opuwo, meaning "finished" or "up to here and no further" Opuwo is the gateway to the Kaokoveld, the small town is the administrative hub of the Kunene Region. It has a few shops, filling station, school and houses. The airfield in town is managed by Opuwo Country Hotel and offers refueling and a transfer services to and from the Hotel. Opuwo Country Hotel is situated on a hilltop just outside of town providing luxury and standard accommodation with air conditioning, swimming pool, bar and restaurant, and camping sites, your ideal base from where to explore Kaokoland.

Hotel Accommodation, Camping sites, Himba excursions, Opuwo, Kunene Region, Namibia.


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Hotel accommodation,  camping sites  Himba villages Opuwo  Namibia